"Great Product!"

David Pogue - NY Times

"Kinda different. We like different."

Jason Fried - 37Signals


The Original Thigh Mount for Pilots.

For Commuters

Thiphone makes driving safer. If you're like me, you plug your iPhone or iPod into your stereo and control the music that way. On top of that, I usually have my car-charger plugged into my phone. So now I have two cables coming out of my device while I am holding it and trying to drive. The Thiphone keeps everything secure and in place so you can focus on driving and not on holding or finding your phone.

Commuters by train will also find the Thiphone to be very helpful. Crowded seats are no place to be digging for your phone.

For Frequent Flyers or Private Pilots

Listening to music or watching a movie can transform flying into a halfway enjoyable event. Unfortunately, personal space on a airplane is pretty scarce. The Thiphone frees your hands up to do other things and keeps your iPhone or iPod directed towards your face. Private Pilots can use the Thiphone to make your iPhone a digital kneeboard.

Customer Reviews

"I received the Thiphone this weekend and tried it on the way to work this morning. Awesome! Now I don’t have to worry about my $499.00 phone going headfirst into the dash, as it threatens to do every so often. I have used other holders in the past (California doesn’t allow the stick to the windshield kind), so now I can see my maps clearly, my itunes clearly, etc.Thanks for a great product!" Read more reviews.

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